Give meaning to your ambitions: discover the new Quæst program

Knowing who you are, developing, coaching and training your talent naturally leads to better performance.

We are specialists in talent and corporate culture. In addition to attracting new talent on your behalf, we help you retain them longer by helping them better self-assess, develop, and ultimately becoming a performance driver for your organization. Whether it’s for individual coaching or a team-building process, our coaches will be able to identify your needs and create a dynamic that will foster the development you want to prioritize.

Individual Coaching

Executive Coaching

For leaders seeking guidance in the pursuit of specific professional and personal goals. A collaborative process with a focus on developing complexity management, executive presence, prioritization, team leadership, political acumen, performance management and work/life balance.

High Potential Coaching

For new and future leaders seeking guidance in their personal and professional growth with the ultimate goal of helping them develop impactful leadership. This coaching is focused on self-knowledge (strengths and weaknesses) and management skills on a larger scale.

Transition Coaching

Regardless of their level of seniority, we'll provide an accessible path for people pursuing alignment of their actions with their ambitions. With a focus on managing oneself in times of stress and uncertainty, our coaches accompany when thinking and provide a sounding board when making choices and guide towards action.

Coaching for Women

With two earnest businesswomen at the helm, La tête chercheuse is committed to the professional development of women in decision-making positions. Our gender-specific coaching program is designed to empower women to successfully navigate corporate politics, tackle the sometimes overwhelming imposter syndrome, establish an authentic leadership style, and manage conflict. We are dedicated to empowering women in all business areas to accelerate their progress and ultimately reach their full potential.

Our Coaching Philosophy

Aware of the professional realities of each individual, we offer an active, practical, and human approach to support the leaders of today, and tomorrow, in order to empower them in the making of choices that will transform their environment and strengthen their leadership.

Guided by real experience

An experienced coach is great. A coach with experience as a leader and manager is more relevant. Our coaches have backgrounds in communications, marketing, human resources, technology and the business sector. They have the experience to guide you toward making choices that lead to the transformation you want, all in a hands-on partnership setting.

Listen to the whole person

We believe that listening is everything. Listening to what is said, observed and ultimately felt. And it is through listening to people wholeheartedly that a climate of change can emerge.

Fully respect the client's agenda

The client knows best what is needed and what is important to them. Our goal is to accompany them in their journey of discovery and to serve their agenda fully.

Stimulate the infinite resources of the human being

People are creative and resourceful. Ultimately, they hold the key to their questions. Our role is not to offer solutions but to encourage deep reflection that will lead to the emergence of an individual’s answers.

Finding the balance between comfort and confrontation

Establishing a climate of trust, empathy, and collaboration allows the coach to ask difficult questions, challenge the client and sometimes create the discomfort required for the sought-after growth.

Team Coaching

For leaders wishing to improve synergy within their organization, we offer a unique team-building program based on a better understanding of the players that comprise it and explore the group’s strengths and blind spots.  

Our humane and practical approach stimulates the development of critical skills such as active listening, collaboration, managing diversity and vigilance to performance recognition.  

No matter the issue and reality of your team, our experienced coaches will help create the synergy that will elevate each player’s contribution.  

Our Areas of Expertise   

Established Team Building  

A program focused on reaffirming the joint mission of the team, a deep understanding of the individuals that are part of it, and strengthening the bonds of trust within the group.  

Building a New Team  

Focused on creating and developing authentic and lasting relationships, our approach aims to build a team culture based on mutual respect, understanding of personal motivations, and commitment to a common cause.  

Integration of New Players  

The synergy of a team is the result of the interplay of the people who comprise it. Therefore, the arrival and departure of new players represent unique opportunities to calibrate the group’s missions while creating new bonds based on understanding and trust.  

Crisis Management  

With a wealth of professional experience, our coaches can help you reframe your team culture in times of crisis. Our approach aims to use adversity as a catalyst for transformation towards renewed commitment. 

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