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Martine Robert, CPHR

Martine Robert, CPHR

Coach, Speaker, Instructor, Strategic Partner

Martine has been active in the field of human resources development for over 30 years. Initially a human resources generalist at the National Bank and then at Desjardins, she served as Senior Director of Organizational Development at Videotron and QMI from 2000 to 2006. In 2007, after a year and a half of sailing with her family, she created OZ Concept, a company specializing in coaching and organizational development.

With a degree in industrial relations, her professional practice focuses mainly on management coaching, the development and facilitation of training on effective leadership, high-impact communication and strategic consulting in high-growth, recovery or organizational transformation settings.

She is a featured speaker and instructor at corporate events, and has enchanted the Ordre des CRHA (CPHR), the Business Women’s Network, Les Affaires conferences, the Rassemblement santé et mieux-être au travail, and the Montreal Board of Trade, to name a few.

She is also the founder of the unique concept of LEMOIDUVIN, a practical and playful team-building activity that allows you to enhance your team’s DNA, improve day-to-day communications and, above all, add a touch of soul to the collective experience.