Quæst is the starting point for a quest for meaning, a quest for self, a quest for success, a quest for knowledge with a leading light as an ally to get a clearer picture.

About Quæst

Quæst is a leadership development service offering designed by La tête chercheuse, a talent agency with a solid reputation since 1997.

We are talent and corporate culture specialists. This means that in addition to headhunting for you, we enable you to retain talents longer. To feel accomplished, successful, confident and useful, isn’t that what we all strive for?

Talent and culture specialists

Guidance and coaching


Making informed decisions while navigating through complexity is what today’s leaders face. We believe that to support them, it is an asset to understand their reality. We offer an active, practical and human coaching approach, led by carefully selected allies. We support them with an active, practical and human coaching approach.

In the form of 6 distinct quests, we guide leaders through the different moments of their professional life.

Integration coaching

This quest aims to turn foreign territories into ideal playgrounds.

Personal guidance

This quest is an invitation to reconnect with oneself. Finally, check in with yourself.
Team workshops


We all need to challenge our sometimes preconceived ideas and bring a new perspective to our view of the world. By enabling a team to work in unison with a common approach and common tools, we can see that the performance of actions reaches a new level.

Animé par Sophie Reiss

3 hours
En présentiel
En virtuel

Animé par Sébastien Vachon & Marie-Michèle Venne

2 days
En présentiel
En virtuel

Animé par Annie Bissonnette et Mélina Sayegh

3 hours
En présentiel
En virtuel

Psychometric test

To incorporate data science into your recruitment, skills development and team management, we have chosen AtmanCo, an all-in-one intelligent psychometric test designed in Quebec.

Based on positive psychology defining the natural strengths and talents of each individual, this solution offers a range of possibilities via a user-friendly web platform.

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