Nadja Raphaël, LL.B.

Nadja Raphaël, LL.B.

Certified Business Coach and Facilitator

Nadja is passionate about people, their stories, the challenges they face and the dreams they want to achieve. She fundamentally believes that everyone has everything they need to resolve their conflicts and bring their dreams to life: empowerment! This is one of the important pillars of the relationship she builds with her clients, so that they propel themselves, through coaching or co-development, while exploiting their own strengths to produce real and lasting changes.

A lawyer by training, Nadja has a multidisciplinary profile in law, public relations, and professional coaching. In her atypical professional journey, she has held strategic positions including that of the chief of staff and head of media relations in institutional and governmental organizations.

Certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF), Nadja holds a graduate degree in Conflict Prevention and Resolution. She is a committed professional whose optimism is contagious. Her empathy, ability to build trusting interpersonal relationships, openness, and authenticity are assets that she makes available to her clients so that they can be happy at work by fulfilling themselves in an authentic, optimal and assumed way. Nadja has particularly committed to female leadership and the real inclusion of diversity in the organizational context.

As an avid learner, she enjoys exploring new ideas and perspectives through conversation, reading, podcasts and music. She strongly believes in the importance of giving back. Nadja is the mother of two boys. You’ll often find her on the soccer field cheering on her youngest son and playing the role of team manager.