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December 11, 2019 - In the Spotlight

We think you’ll agree when we say that the secret to a well-oiled machine that delivers successful projects is the support of your troops. At La tête chercheuse, we like to underline the little things that make everyday life more manageable while defining who we are as a collective team.

Interestingly, the Harvard Business Review recently focused on a publication about employee engagement. It illustrates that people are more dedicated to their team – more than the company they work for, their position, and even their field of work. They talk about the importance of collaboration and cohesiveness, feeling a part of something, shared recognition and enjoyment, as factors that determine day-to-day life at work, in terms of company culture.

How do you go about motivating your teams? We can tell you how we do it. We believe in highlighting the good stuff, and with lots of enthusiasm. Once we’ve completed a mandate, we regroup to share the joys and anything we’ve learned from the difficult moments. We meet every Friday for an update on how everything is going, so we’re all on the same page moving forward. In terms of engagement, we believe it’s important to share the same vision.

We also believe, as evidenced by our very participative working model, that there’s strength in numbers (because sometimes a dozen head hunters are better than one). We work together to solve problems or to ensure we reach our goals quickly and efficiently, all while maximizing the intelligence of the group, based on cumulative industry experience and completed mandates. It’s by lending each other a strong hand that we can swiftly lighten the heavier, more complex workloads, and successfully fast track the file.

At the individual level, when completing a mandate, the advisor in charge is awarded a half- day off. It’s just one of the ways we reward the efforts and successes of the team. According to the Harvard Business Review, a strong and “public” culture of recognition within your organization can help maintain staff retention and performance. Recognition during crunch time can also act as a great motivator. Want to make it more personalized and less-visible? That works too. 

Spending time together as a team makes us stronger, whether it’s around a table, over lunch, at happy hour, our summer party, the Christmas party (all rooted in La tête chercheuse tradition). The idea is to take the time to celebrate what’s at the heart of our identity. We have more than one trick up our sleeve in terms of engagement. What are some of the ways you keep your team motivated?


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