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Quæst: why and for whom?

November 13, 2023 - In the Spotlight

La tête chercheuse is launching its new Quæst service offering, a complete range of leadership development services. We saw this as the perfect opportunity to talk to Annie Bissonnette and Elisabeth Starenkij, both co-presidents and senior partners of La tête chercheuse.

Quæst: why and for whom? An interview with two big-hearted visionary entrepreneurs.

How did Quæst come about?  

Annie Bissonnette (AB): Quæst was born out of this quest for meaning, out of the deep-seated desire of every professional to improve. Of course, at LTC we have a long history in the field of training, but we have sought to breathe new energy into it based on our daily conversations with managers who tell us about their challenges, their concerns and their opportunities. It is also undeniable that diversifying our services was essential to ensure the sustainability of our organisation, and the market has shown clearly that there was a need for that. That’s why we took the initiative of surrounding ourselves with the most talented people to bring this entrepreneurial project to fruition. 


What is your motivation from an operational point of view?   

Elisabeth Starenkij (ES): La tête chercheuse firmly believes that talent must be developed, and that it is by supporting talented employees at every stage of their career that we fulfil our role as a trusted advisor. By adding Quæst to our range of services, we are leveraging our expertise while broadening our scope and remaining true to our core mission of transforming the culture of organisations, one talented employee at a time. 


What is the coaching philosophy behind Quæst? 

AB: A coaching approach bordering on consulting. For us, it’s essential to be concrete; these quests must lead to real personal and professional growth, so that not only the coachees, but also their managers and, ultimately, their organisation see the difference. It is essential to note that our coaches have all held similar positions to those of their coachees, which gives them a deep understanding and positions them favourably as advisors. 


What evidence have you seen recently that Quæst is the best ally for organisations?

ES: Firstly, employees are invaluable resources that need to be nurtured and motivated in order to maintain their commitment. These talented employees are not only dedicated to their organisation: they are also engaged in a personal development process aimed at acquiring skills that will amplify their impact. Secondly, in an era of rapid change in the world of work, characterised by increasingly diverse teams, the coexistence of four generations on the labour market and accelerating change, it is becoming imperative to provide teams with the tools they need to improve their communication, encourage better collaboration and thus increase their performance. For all these reasons, Quæst is the best ally for organisations. 


In a few key words, what are the main features of the services that will be offered?   

AB: Individual and team coaching, workshops on topical subjects, in a dynamic and memorable learning environment. We create experiences! 


What makes Quæst’s offer unique? 

AB: La tête chercheuse is renowned for its ability to examine, address and solve problems from a different, multi-dimensional perspective. This distinctive touch also permeates Quæst. Our coaching and workshops are conducted in line with this singular approach, which remains deeply rooted in reality. In short, we prefer to add a unique touch to what others are already doing well. Let’s say we’re not dull! 


What are your personal mottos at work?  

ES: Cultivate curiosity, humility and determination: nurture a perpetual curiosity to stay at the cutting edge and encourage innovation; show humility to truly embrace the ideas of others and go further with collective intelligence; exercise the muscle of determination to never let up in our efforts to always improve; and believe that, sometimes, naivety can enable us to move mountains! 

AB: To think big; to challenge myself by learning, by being in action; to collaborate to contribute to something bigger than myself and to make a difference every day. And it’s funny how that really sounds like the trigger for this offer!  

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