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La Source à talents: the new targeted recruitment solution

January 19, 2024 - In the Spotlight

La tête chercheuse is launching a new service offering called La Source à talents, a name that is more than a little evocative, but one that deserves in-depth exploration to fully understand the broad outlines of this new division of the renowned headhunting firm, which is always at the forefront of best practice in the sector.

Interview with Elisabeth Starenkyj (ES), Co-President and Senior Partner at La tête chercheuse, and Julien Cohen-Arazi (JCA), Head of La Source à talents.

What is La Source à talents and why launch this new offer now?

ES: La tête chercheuse has always been close to its clients and attentive to their talent needs. Given the shortage of talented candidates, it has become clear that even for intermediate or expert positions, it is important to undertake a detailed validation process. Getting it wrong is costly for an employer! La Source à talents was therefore launched to meet these recruitment needs, where the potential of candidates is a fundamental element in the success of the process.

JCA: The main idea is to provide our partners with the best possible support in their search for junior, intermediate, or expert profiles in the fields we cover. This service is geared towards these profiles because we have noticed that they are the most difficult for our partners to approach and gauge.


What are the latest HR and job market findings that support the case for launching La Source à talents?

ES: Recruitment is often the biggest headache for HR teams. In times of shortage, this is even more obvious. The team assigned to La Source à talents, trained using La tête chercheuse methodology, becomes a valuable and effective resource for HR teams. It’s a bit of an extension arm for attracting the most talented candidates for these positions, which often require multiple hires or highly specialized knowledge.

JCA: The pandemic has accentuated our partners’ need for these profiles, which can sometimes be puzzling. For junior, intermediate, or expert profiles, our partners are facing increased competition in the job market from other companies. They sometimes have to use their imagination to attract these profiles. Then they have to decode these profiles by understanding what candidates are looking for in the immediate future and offer them clear and precise career prospects.


How does La Source à talents work?

ES: La Source à talents is a structured methodology, a proactive approach (yes, we hunt!) that evaluates each candidate through an interview designed specifically for the position to be filled. It’s also an advisor assigned to the mandate who provides personalized support right up to the hiring stage. We take charge of the checks that complete the pre-hiring process.

JCA: For junior, intermediate, or expert profiles, La Source à talents is an effective way of finding talented, quality candidates. Thanks to our active communities, we can quickly identify these candidates and support our partners right through to recruitment!


What makes La Source à talents different from the other activities of La tête chercheuse?

ES: In fact, La Source à talents is a product inspired by the methodology of La tête chercheuse, but for the recruitment of candidates with a non-managerial profile. The process therefore focuses on the skills and development potential of candidates.


How does La Source à talents meet the needs of today’s job market, and how does it differ from solutions already on the market?

ES: By the emphasis we place on the quality of the candidates! The idea is not to present candidates, but the BEST candidates. To achieve this, La Source à talents team is made up of trusted advisors from the professions for which we recruit, who receive ongoing training and are committed to analyzing candidates to identify those who are motivated by and suitable for the position to be filled.


For more information: La Source à talents

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