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Elisabeth Starenkyj

Elisabeth Starenkyj

Co-President, Senior Partner

Elisabeth offers more than 15 years of experience in marketing, communications, and sales. She has always thrived on challenges and has worked as much on the client side as on the agency side and in the media universe. She successfully headed the sales and marketing teams at Les Internationaux du Sport de Montréal, the Antonopoulos Group, and Infopresse.

Since she joined La tête chercheuse in 2014, her extensive experience in strategy, planning, business development, marketing, sponsorships and management has given her a clear vision of a client’s needs and the potential of candidates. She quickly stood out with her perspicacity, flair and determination to become one of the best headhunters in town. An associate at La tête chercheuse for the last few years, it was in June 2019 that she officially became co-president, intending to bring the organization further through a diversified offering that takes advantage of today’s technology. 

A trained musician, Elisabeth has the sensitivity and intuition to understand what drives people. She believes in respect and in the importance of developing talent to help organizations and individuals deliver their very best performance. An open and attentive listener, she has built a vast network of contacts in many key industries. 

Elisabeth is a Board member of the McCord Museum Foundation and was a member of the Board of Art Souterrain until 2022.

Given a choice, she’d rather be on the edge of her seat. As far as Elisabeth is concerned, nothing is impossible – there’s no such thing as a problem without a solution.

In my job, I love Getting to the root of the problem and pushing the envelope.

The quality I admire in others Strategic intelligence.

We would never guess that I was a violinist in another life, and I make a mean blueberry pie.

Me, in two words Dynamic and insightful.

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