Sébastien Vachon

Sébastien Vachon

Senior Advisor, Talent Management

Sébastien is known for his involvement and his great efficiency in everything he does! He strongly believes that small details make all the difference.

His atypical career path demonstrates his resilience, his versatility and, above all, his perseverance. Sébastien worked in the financial field for more than 6 years at Desjardins and Scotiabank. During all these years, he combined full-time work during the day with parti-time studies, evenings and weekends. His career path was not without its pitfalls, but his efforts allowed him to obtain a bachelor’s degree from HEC Montréal and to diversify his expertise, thanks to a certificate in Human Resources, Administration and Management.

But one piece of the puzzle was missing… Sébastien had always been keen on linking people’s potential with the appropriate business opportunities and on helping organizations improve their “human” factor. Thus, he decided to take the plunge into the world of HR and recruitment, first at Commissionaires du Québec and then at Rogers Communications, where his learning curve was very fast. Throughout his career, Sébastien has been able to stand out, notably through his ability to build strong and tight relationships with his clients, through his innovative way of thinking and his positive leadership. What you can expect to take away when you work with him: he is very committed to his partners!

In my job, I love Giving constructive feedback to candidates and sharing great opportunities with high potential talents!

The quality I admire in others Resilience.

We would never guess that Once upon a time, I was an avid social dancer and took part in many competitions!

Me, in two words Passionate and action driven.