Eric Mallette

Eric Mallette

Partner, Instructor and DEI Consultant

Eric has worked in human resources for nearly 30 years. Since the onset of his career, he’s held various senior advisory and executive positions within organizations such as Nortel, Bombardier Aerospace, Zero- Knowledge Systems, and Scotia Bank. Before joining the team at La Tête Chercheuse in 2008, he was Vice President of Human Resources at Astral Television Network (a division of Astral Media) in Toronto. 

With a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from HEC, Eric is dedicated to talent acquisition, organizational development, management, coaching and training. He firmly believes that diversity in all its forms is a crucial element for the success of any organization. This interest led him to join the Board of Directors of Entreprendre ici, an organization that supports ethnocultural entrepreneurship, and to become involved first as a member of the Board of Directors and then as Director of Development and Employer Services at ALPA (Accueil Liaison pour Arrivants).

As a consultant, Eric’s clients very much appreciate his drive and his investment in solving team issues. His mission in the coming months is to improve the talent development program at La Tête Chercheuse, so we can better equip organizations. 

His belief is that what people really need, regardless of their age or profession, is to be heard and listened to without judgment.

In my job, I love The diversity of talent, clients, and candidates that I have the privilege of discovering both personally and professionally. Their stories inspire me.

The quality I admire in others Manual talent – people who can fix anything.

We would never guess that I know 20 tongue twisters by heart, in English.

Me, in two words Human and ambitious.