Chloé Rivard

Chloé Rivard

Project Manager, Talent Management

With a bachelor’s degree in psychology and several years of relevant experience in customer service, Chloé began her career at La Tête Chercheuse in April 2022. Passionate about human contact and different cultures, she has a diverse background and experience working with clients and people from various environments around the world.

After graduating in Psychology from the University of Montreal in 2016, Chloé decided to take a year off and embark on a long journey that made her fall in love with people and travel, which is why she became a flight attendant for Air Canada. Following the pandemic in 2020, a career change was necessary. The desire to help people was stronger than ever, and that’s when she arrived in the world of emergency, 911.

As the happiness and fulfillment of others have always been her passions and motivations, Chloe realized that she wished to help people who wanted to take on new challenges in their lives. This is how recruitment became part of Chloe’s atypical journey, but also part of a long and logical sequence. La Tête Chercheuse arrived in her life like a breath of fresh air and she intends to take on this new challenge!

In my job, I love Making people happy and watching them take on new challenges!

The quality I admire in others Authenticity.

We would never guess that I am a great sportswoman at heart: skiing, horseback riding, swimming, dancing, cheerleading, etc. I actually started skiing before I started walking. If you are looking for me... you can find me in a gym!

Me, in two words Curious and passionate.