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Alexandra Bouchard, M. Sc.

Alexandra Bouchard, M. Sc.

Advisor, Talent Management

Alexandra began her academic journey with a bachelor’s degree in Organizational and Human Communication. With a strong interest in optimizing human capital within organizations, Alexandra pursued a Master’s degree in Management, specializing in Organizational Development, which she completed in December 2022.

Alongside her master’s studies, Alexandra gained valuable experience in human resources within small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Over a period of nearly 3 years, Alexandra worked as a generalist, taking on various challenges such as creating recruitment and onboarding programs, as well as implementing employee engagement and retention practices. Her hands-on experience in organizational settings enables her to truly understand our clients’ internal realities.

Always placing a strong emphasis on the human element in her work, Alexandra made the decision to join La tête chercheuse in April 2023, aiming to apply her humanistic approach to talent management and acquisition. She strives to make a positive impact on individuals’ professional lives through her attentive listening skills, analytical mindset, and contagious positive attitude.

With her natural ability to connect with others, determination, and strong organizational skills, Alexandra warmly embraces the diverse mandates and individuals that come her way.

In my job, I love Making a difference in people's job satisfaction. Being able to connect with many individuals and build lasting relationships with them.

The quality I admire in others Leadership.

We would never guess that All my family members are tall (I'm 4'11").

Me, in two words Creative and outgoing.

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