Dorian Petrovic

Dorian Petrovic

Senior Advisor, Talent Management

After completing his bachelor’s degree in marketing communications at UQAM, Dorian launched his career in the tech startup industry, where he developed a passion for digital marketing and people management. It is there that he touches on all aspects of marketing and communications; performance marketing, content marketing, SEO, public relations, CRM management and becomes a true full-stack marketer.     

In just a short period of time, he has gained a wide range of experience in digital marketing, both for enterprise and consumer products and services. He has held management and then marketing leadership roles at Busbud, Lufa Farms and Building Stack.  

It was through these leadership and team management roles that he developed a real interest in recruitment. Finding the right person to join the right team first, then ensuring their success and integration, became as much a challenge as a passion in itself. Nurturing a profound interest in management, he is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in this specific field at the École des Sciences de la Gestion de l’UQAM and plans to complete his program in the winter of 2023. We are very proud to have him as your trusted advisor since winter 2021.  

In my job, I love To contribute directly to the strategic evolution of the communication/marketing industry in real time.

The quality I admire in others Optimism

We would never guess that I've played many sports in my life: cycling, tennis, basketball, soccer, baseball, running. I was even a tennis instructor for many years!

Me, in two words Patient and curious.