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“Why do you want this job?” said the interviewed interviewer.

November 17, 2019 - Be in the Know

Yes, it’s essential to uncover why the job seeker is interested in interviewing for a specific job at your company. You might also be interested in how they present themselves, formulate ideas, and whether they’ve come prepared. But the person you’re evaluating has an opinion too, one that’s equally as important.

First impressions are a big deal. Especially if you’re the candidate’s first exposure to the company and/or the role available, just be yourself, and conduct the interview in a manner that’s transparent, authentic and enticing.

Forbes offers interviewees similar advice in this article. As an interviewer, bring some of your own (or your organization’s) colour to the interview with questions and answers that step outside the generic interview box.

Above all, we encourage you to show some interest and cultivate good practices in terms of the “candidate experience”. For example, don’t hesitate to give interested candidates a clear breakdown of the next steps, and your hiring timeline, as soon as the subject is raised. Because first impressions are one thing, but keeping the motivation alive is another – especially when applicants can receive 2 or 3 offers at a time.

In short, we recommend a relationship of authority that favours dialogue and puts candidates at ease. At La tête chercheuse, we prefer to follow a specific model, one that still allows us to get caught up in the natural course of the conversation. Essentially, we begin with a short introduction of who we are as recruiters. Next, we dig into the elements of motivation, the parallels between cumulative experience, and what’s required for the position. Finally, we focus on what the client is looking for in terms of personality. We also want to make sure the candidate is a good fit for the team, the organization’s broader corporate culture, and what we call “core culture”. .

These are a few questions we like to ask, which help demonstrate our true colours. You’re welcome to use them to get inspired.

Happy hiring!


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