Philippe d’Erneville

Philippe d’Erneville

Project Manager, Sourcing

Born in Senegal, Philippe made the big leap in 2016 and took a chance on the Canadian adventure. Today, with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, he joins La tête chercheuse in order to take on new challenges in the world of Human Resources. With a background in customer service, he knows the importance of providing exemplary service to the client by surpassing their expectations.

A good communicator and a person of integrity, he feels very comfortable working in a multicultural and bilingual environment.

Industrious and enthusiastic, Philippe wishes to use his experience and his broad outlook for the benefit of the professional development of people. He is committed to the mission of finding the best talents to enhance the performance of companies.

In my job, I love Learn from the experience of the different candidates I work with.

The quality I admire in others Transparency.

We would never guess that I participated in equestrian sports competitions, more precisely in show jumping.

Me, in two words Optimistic and ambitious.