Mélina Sayegh

Mélina Sayegh

Advisor, Talent Management

Creative, perseverant and passionate, Melina begins her career in sales and retail, where she discovers a strong interest in working with the public. She then decides to further explore this interest by pursuing her studies in Human Relations at Concordia University. She juggles full-time school and work simultaneously and decides to enrich her journey by taking on a teacher assistant role that brings her a sense of accomplishment. Being in roles that were highly focused on helping people, she realized the essence of her motivation: human development.

After completing her undergraduate degree, Melina enthusiastically begins a career in Talent Acquisition. After a few years, she gained diversified experience in recruitment while keeping an interest in continuous improvement and organizational development.

Always looking to challenge herself and push her boundaries, Melina eagerly joins the La Tête Chercheuse team in Fall 2021 as a Talent Management Advisor – a role that allows her to pursue both talent acquisition and talent development.

In my job, I love Getting to know candidates and guiding them through a process that to help them find a career where they will get to be their best selves.

The quality I admire in others Resourcefulness

We would never guess that I love anything horror – from books to movies. Halloween is easily my favourite holiday!

Me, in two words Creative and resourceful