Laurie Aubry-Hébert

Laurie Aubry-Hébert

Project Manager, Talent Management

With a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a specialization in marketing and human resources, Laurie is very enthusiastic about starting her professional career at La tête chercheuse. Curious and eager to learn, this is the perfect opportunity for her to combine her interests in marketing and human resources while allowing her to develop her professional skills in a dynamic and stimulating environment.

Having spent many years in customer service, Laurie’s love of connecting and helping those around her is what drew her to the world of HR. She is a great listener and an empathetic and adaptable person. A team player, she is happy to have the chance to work on several mandates at once and finds it more than rewarding to be able to touch so many things so early in her career. Her thoughtful and diligent nature, as well as her communication skills, also make her an excellent writer. Energetic and positive, Laurie is always ready to overcome new challenges.

In my job, I love Meeting inspiring people with enriching backgrounds and having the chance to learn about various areas of expertise daily.

The quality I admire in others Quick wit

We would never guess that I worked for 5 summers in a day camp as a chaperone for special needs children.

Me, in two words Dedicated and open-minded