Aurelie Jananji, CRHA

Aurelie Jananji, CRHA

Project Manager, talent acquisition

After completing a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Human Resources Management at HEC Montreal, Aurélie moved to Senegal for one year to work as a volunteer business advisor. Her atypical background gave her the tools the community needed to help Senegalese youth who wanted to start their own business. Her athletic and academic experiences have given Aurélie the wonderful ability to thrive on a team – she both respects and listens to her peers. Human relations and collaboration play an important role in her decision making.
Always up for a challenge, Aurélie is always ready to jump into action. After all, you don’t get anywhere without taking a few risks.

In my job, I love Rubbing shoulders with incredible talent, from inside the office and outside.

The quality I admire in others Resilience.

We would never guess that I know Taekwondo. Don’t trust my sweet face!

Me, in two words Transparent and enthusiastic.