Annie Bissonnette

Annie Bissonnette

Senior Partner

Annie is approachable and happy-go-lucky. Having spent ten (10) years honing her craft at Videotron, one of Quebec’s most-liked brands, Annie is also performance-oriented and incredibly driven. If you ask her, inside every problem is an opportunity. She attributes her openness and creativity in great part to the many successful and award-winning advertising campaigns she led as the Brand Director at Videotron.

With a bachelor’s in Communication from Université de Montréal and a certificate in Marketing Management from HEC, Annie has followed a career that goes hand in hand with her education. With a solid background in marketing, communications, and sales, she has a clear vision of the industry and can appreciate both the client’s needs and the candidate’s expectations.

A team asset since 2015, Annie quickly grasps the strengths and motivations of the people around her. Insightful, big-hearted, and optimistic are just a few words that best describe Annie. An associate at La Tête Chercheuse for the last few years, it was in June 2019 that she became co-president of the organization. She’s taken an active role in the company’s visibility, client services, plus the evolution of the brand and our offering.
Her philosophy: If you take control of your life and believe in yourself, and you let yourself follow a series of opportunities, the universe will be good to you.

In my job, I love Constantly discovering and learning new things about the business world, and the people who challenge me to grow.

The quality I admire in others Discipline.

We would never guess that I taught circus arts even though I didn’t know how to juggle.

Me, in two words Business sense & empathy.