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Amélie Lavoie

Amélie Lavoie

Office Manager

Amélie is recognized for her professionalism and discretion. She always seeks to meet the needs of people around her. Being very loyal and dedicated, she is someone you can count on. Whether it be accounting, customer service or office management, Amélie has the knowledge that allows her to be a valuable asset in our organization. Cheerful and sociable, she ensures to always provide an excellent link between clients, candidates and the team.

After studying office management, Amélie began as secretary in a Quebec based geomatics firm.  After a short time, her responsibilities increased, and she was entrusted with accounting as well as the implementation of ISO 9001 quality system. A few years later, life took her to the Montreal area, and she decided to study History and French studies at the University of Montreal. During her studies, she was offered an administrative assistant position in a consulting engineering firm, surveying and mapping department, and she decided to continue her career in this field. Once again, her efficiency struck, and she found herself becoming the assistant to the department director which employs 80 people. Amélie therefore becomes the link between employees and management.

With changes within the company she decided to change and occupy the same functions in different other types of companies.
His former bosses quickly offered her a return to surveying. She then took on new challenges in a start-up company. She reconnects with accounting that she had abandoned a few years ago and learns more about operation and business management. She thus finds herself in possession of everything she needs to become the Office Manager at La tête chercheuse.

In my job, I love To work with and for people

The quality I admire in others People who dare to throw themselves into the void, who plunge into the unknown.

We would never guess that I have developed quite an artistic side and a rather exalted imagination. I dream of writing a novel.

Me, in two words Cheerful and empathetic.