Nelly Salen

Nelly Salen

Project Manager, Talent Management

With a head brimming with ideas, Nelly is a creator at heart. After a few career pivots, she decided to combine her love of creation with a bachelor’s degree in communications. During her studies, she worked as an ambassador for the University of Montreal. From social networking to writing, she used her talents to help international students settle in Montreal, and her passion for supporting others grew. During these formative years, she also discovered project management, an environment that stimulates her and allows her to use her Swiss Army knife potential! Get her involved in a project and she’ll leap in with you 100%!  

Following her studies and after a successful start to her career in communications, she joined La tête chercheuse in early October 2021. Inspired by human relations, The Searching Mind gives her the opportunity to understand more about the people around her. She may not talk much, but she listens carefully and observes everything around her, which sharpens her emotional intelligence. She is determined to bring her kindness into her daily work.    

In my job, I love Meeting nice people and witnessing the diversity of backgrounds and personalities!

The quality I admire in others Eloquence 

We would never guess that I used to design and sew clothes for my friends under my brand "saystyle".

Me, in two words Reassuring and sparkling energy