At La tête chercheuse, when we hunt heads, we go above and beyond to uncover the humans behind the CVs. It’s a team effort backed by innovative technologies and an extensive knowledge of the markets that we’re hunting. That’s why we say that every new hire can become a vector of transformation for your company.

  • Public affairs
  • Government relations
  • Spokesperson
  • Internal communications

  • Business intelligence
  • Product marketing
  • Customer experience
  • Innovation

  • E-commerce
  • Social media and content
  • Digital media
  • Platform development

  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • Production
  • Architecture

  • Development and training
  • Labour relations
  • Recruitment
  • Compensation

  • Business development
  • Customer service
  • Key account management
  • Proposal writing

  • Nonprofit
  • Professional order
  • Foundation
  • Service compagny

Exploratory meetings

At La tête chercheuse, we’re continually meeting professionals with interesting profiles. These exploratory meetings allow us to get to know them, pinpoint their underlying motives, and help them determine what kind of corporate culture suits them best. It’s a unique and proactive method that gives us a better understanding of the market. It’s proven to be particularly effective: 42% of placed candidates come from exploratory meetings.

Human data

Data is king. That’s why we maintain a database of about 25,000 professionals – enough data to paint a complete and accurate picture of the evolution of talent in the industries we cover. This unique database is just one of the tools we use to find the perfect candidates, and quickly.
Our team truly masters the art of gathering data: Boolean searches, social media, market research: no stones are left unturned to find the right candidates.

The strength of a team

Our team is made up of professionals with varied backgrounds, picked from the fields in which we recruit. We approach every mandate with complementary points of view and perspectives, and always with a solid understanding of that industry. The team brings to the table both business smarts and a personal connection with the most sought-after talents.

Our compensation model without commission also promotes information sharing, which ultimately benefits our clients. When you meet a headhunter, you’re opening yourself up to a world of opportunity.

Creativity at the service of talent

Sometimes, in order to recruit well, you have to think outside the box, and for that we offer innovative solutions. As an example, we can help you understand the market or your employer brand’s perception. We can analyze the market and present the talent for a role in your team through our sourcing services. Or we can offer scouting services: active talent monitoring to encourage continuous meetings and stay connected with the best. We can simply be the extension of your human resources department to allow you to focus on your organizational challenges. And why not support you in the search for a new business partner to grow your organization?

Unique & proven

In our constant quest for innovation, we’ve adopted a tool that’s unique to the market: Scout Talent. Based on a grid of skills, abilities and values (scored on a scale of 1 to 10), Scout makes hiring a smart, motivating, and relevant experience. The program creates a perfect match between candidates’ motives and skills and corporate culture.

Explore needs

The first step is to select and define your criteria. In collaboration with our team, you’ll actively participate in the briefing.

Investigate the market

We’ve mastered the art of developing research strategies that uncover hidden gems who meet your defined criteria.

Present the candidates

As a Talent Tracker TM, we present our selection of candidates. Next, you meet and evaluate the proposed candidates and compare thoughts with your team.

Check references

We don’t leave anything to chance. A minimum of five (5) references are provided by the candidate and are thoroughly vetted.

Confirm satisfaction

After six (6) months in place, we follow up with the client and the candidate. An evaluation based on motivation, skills, and corporate culture is performed, and an LTC index (a measure of satisfaction) is provided.

We are specialists in talent and corporate culture. That means that in addition to recruitment, we’re also here to help develop, coach, and train so you can retain your talent longer.

Be on Point: Self awareness

Support for an in-depth reflection on your motivations and your skills to better align your career path: monitoring and competitive analysis to assess your market value, psychometric tests to identify your natural strengths and organizational preferences, creation of professional branding tools (CV – LinkedIn Profile – USP), identification of organizations to ensure cultural fit. We also go as far as offering ongoing advisory services, organizing co-development, or creating mentor-mentee links.

Me & Co: Analysis and team building

To better get to know your and your team’s strengths, this service allows the manager to have a global view of the team and a detailed portrait of the members’ composition in order to exchange with a certified expert whose eyes are external and objective. Based on psychometric tests, an open discussion of the team's challenges, the talents’ presence and / or absenteeism, the potential and limits of certain employees in order to develop transferable talents and find solutions. We can even support you in optimizing your organizational chart, performance management and employee development.

Training and animation

We create interactive content and activities where participants become more open, better informed, and more competent. Our reputation comes from our use of innovative concepts, inspired by in-depth research and case analyzes. Our ability to facilitate team workshops, board meetings or executive committees can help you redesign the portrait of your organization, open communication channels, improve synergies, etc.

Integration coaching

A journey in several stages to facilitate the integration of a new player into the team, support a promoted employee into new functions, always with the aim of achieving your results over the course of several hours of coaching. Psychometric analysis of the candidate and the manager to accelerate the professional relationship and understand the new dynamic, mapping of internal and external stakeholders, determination of objectives and coaching.

From our first meeting on, I was impressed by the quality of listening skills which characterizes La tête chercheuse’s team members. In addition to listening to our needs, I greatly appreciated the quality of the presentation of candidate profiles; with very relevant and detailed summaries. The availability of the team members, always ready to serve and guide us throughout the recruitment process, is also a remarkable skill representing La tête chercheuse.

At Radio-Canada, we have to think outside the box; we must be creative and relevant. This reality has been very well understood by La tête chercheuse. In addition to presenting the most relevant and complete candidates in the industry, they often present us candidates with a different profile. This will often allow us to question ourselves and adjust our needs. They monitoring the complete market which generates very relevant communications. They do take the time to understand the organization, its challenges and goals, and help us frame our needs realistically.

With a professionalism, the ability to listen and the proven understanding of the mandates, La tête chercheuse has proposed excellent candidates. They did not hesitate to come and meet us, and to talk to the managers in order to understand the mandate and the profile we were looking for. If necessary, La tête chercheuse is quick to adjust its search if necessary. Thanks again for the great work.

An agile company, focused on the efficiency of its services offering an innovative approach to the recommendation of talents. Listening to the needs of its clients, the La tête chercheuse team dares and allows itself to find top notch talent. A pleasure to collaborate with the entire team!

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